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Metabolic disease

WLHF-005(Fatdizol®) is a new natural material that can help
people with metabolic diseases such as obesity.

The obesity rate in adults is steadily increasing, and one of three people was reported to obesity in 2016
  • Obesity could cause vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and stroke, and various diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and fatty liver.
  • Skinny fat could look healthy on the outside. However, intra-abdominal fat accumulated obesity could be even more dangerous because it causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
Efficacy evaluation of WLHF-005(Fatdizol®)
WLHF-005(Fatdizol®) effectively reduces body fat by inhibiting the accumulation of carbohydrates and fats, and by increasing
the metabolic rate to promote the decomposition of accumulated fat.
WLHF-005 유효성 평가
Division The inhibition of lipogenesis Blocking carbohydrate absorption Increasing basal metabolic rate 비고
Fatdizol® Korea
garcinia cambogia Imported
wild mango seed extract India
Xanthigen Spain
Finger root Indonesia
Pu'er tea China
Green coffee beans extract France
WLHF-005(Fatdizol®) suppresses fat synthesis by inhibiting the expression of various proteins involved in lipogenesis in adipose tissue.
  • ※ LPL hydrolyzes the triglycerides carried in chylomicrons and VLDL to fatty acids, which can be taken up by cells.

    ※ SREBP-1c regulates genes required for lipid production and its expression is regulated by insulin.

    ※ aP2 is thought to regulate fatty acid uptake, release, and storage in adipocytes

WLHF-005(Fatdizol®) increases energy expenditure by promoting thermogenesis.
  • ※ UCP2 has been proposed to regulate thermogenesis and energy expenditure in brown adipose tissue.