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Saururus chinensis
  • Ingredient name
  • Origin
    Saururus chinensis
  • Daily dose
  • Appearance
    Yellowish-brown powder with distinctive flavour
  • Features

    Help to respiratory health, allergic rhinitis and asthma caused by Particulate matter, mite, pollen, and yellow dust.

  • Licensing-in from Yeungnam University

    Co-research with Dongshin University

    2018 ministry of SMEs and startups R&D project

    2019 Korea SMEs and starups agency commercialization project (functional food and drug on respiratory diseases)

    2019 Bioactive material commercialization project (commercializing the product prevent particular matter)

    1st for the 2019 Patent Technology Award by the Korean Intellectual Patent Office (LHF618®)
    2020 Launch Respiratory Health Drink ‘Phyto Block®’

    2022 Clinical Trial Completed for Improving Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

  • Patent

    10-0675618 Method for preparing purified product and fraction

    from saururus chinensis without toxic material, and composition
    comprising the purified product as active ingredient for treating
    and preventing asthma and allergic diseases

    10-2366763 Food Composition For Improving Respirator Health

  • Paper

    Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 29 (2006) 211-215

    Journal of Ethnophamacology 132 (2010) 143-149

    Peer J (2020) Sep 24;8:e10043

※ Goblet cell: the cell secrete the mucus to mucous membrane including respiratory system and protect the tissues