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WL-lanceolata extract
Codonopsis lanceolata / Liriope platyphylla / Morus alba
  • 01
    Ingredient name
    WL-lanceolata extract
  • 02
    Codonopsis lanceolata
    Liriope platyphylla
    Morus alba
  • 03
    Daily dose
    500 - 1,500 mg/day
  • 04
    Yellowish-brown powder with distinctive flavour
  • Features

    Increase insulin responsiveness, inhibit the increase of blood glucose, decrease the glycosylated products, and Inhibit the diabetes complications

  • Ministry of science medical-bio new material convergence project

    Licensing-in from Hallym university

  • Patent

    10-1126677 Composition for treating diabetes or diabete-induced complication containing an extract from Codonopsis lanceolata