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Goalflex®(WL-AU extract)
Artemisia spp. / Ulmus macrocarpa
  • Ingredient name
    Goalflex®(WL-AU extract)
  • Origin
    Artemisia spp.
    Ulmus macrocarpa
  • Daily dose
    500 - 1,500 mg/day
  • Appearance
    Tawny powder with a
    distinctive flavor
  • Features

    Improves joint mobility by inhibiting bone and cartilage damage and alleviating joint pain.

  • Licensing-in from Hoseo University

    2020 Selected Network-type technological development Project in Ministry of SMEs and Startups Co-Research with NOVAREX, Dt&CRO

  • Patent

    10-1756452 Compositions comprising extract from Artemisia Princeps Pamp. and Ulmi cortex for preventing or treating Osteoarthritis