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Rhynchosia nulubilis
  • 01
    Ingredient name
  • 02
    Rhynchosia nulubilis
  • 03
    Daily dose
    500 - 1,500 mg/day
  • 04
    Black grayish powder with
    distinctive flavor
  • Features

    Help to increase tears and protect cornea and lacrimal glands.

  • National research foundation of Korea project

    Licensing-in from Dong-eui university

    1st for the 2020 Patent Technology Award by the Korean Intellectual Patent Office (EYESOY®)

    2020 Selected Convergence Technologies Program for Educating Creative Global Leader in Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Affairs

  • Patents

    10-1835227 Composition for preventing or treating ocular disease containing Rhynchosia nulubilis

  • Paper

    European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(10), 2017, 147-151.